March 25 2022 – It’s Sofia’s last day in the lab. We’re sad to see her go but wish her all the best for future.

February 3 2022 – Jamie’s review with James Crowley in ChemPlusChem on self-assembly with reduced-symmetry ligands is one of the most accessed articles of 2021 and is featured in a Readers’ Choice Special Collection.

January 18 2022 – A spotlight collection of articles in Dalton Transactions entitled Metallocycles and Metallocages that Jamie is co-guest-editing is now available online. Take a look!

November 10 2021 – Excited to have MRes in Advanced Molecular Synthesis student Wentao join the group for a collaborative project with Kim Jelfs to work on metal-organic self-assembly. Welcome!

October 11 2021 – Welcome to Sofia who joins the group for her MSci project working on mechanically interlocked molecules!

August 16 2021 – Our recently published work in collaboration with the Jelfs Group has been highlighted with a College press release: Quick way to create molecular cages could revamp search for new materials.

July 30 2021 – Huge congratulations to Andy, our out-going MSci student, who achieved a 1st class degree classification and was awarded the J McCombie Prize for excellent academic achievements and contributions to Imperial College Union. It was fantastic having Andy in the group and we wish him all the best for the future!

July 13 2021 – Our work with Andrew Tarzia and Kim Jelfs using a computational workflow to predict self-assembly outcomes with low-symmetry ligands is published in Angewandte Chemie. This is paper #10 from the group!

June 17 2021 – Jamie and Andy have just published an invited review on flexibility in metal-organic assemblies as part of the Suprastars of Chemistry collection in Front. Chem.

June 6 2021 – Work from Jamie’s past life in Steve Goldup’s group, in collaboration with the group of Nathan McClenaghan, examining electron transfer between mechanically bonded components is published in Chemical Science.

May 20 2021 – A preprint of a collaborative project with Andrew Tarzia and Kim Jelfs on using high-throughput computational modelling to predict experimental self-assembly outcomes is posted on ChemRxiv.

April 26 2021 – Work from Jamie’s Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie fellowship on single-ion magnets with rotaxane ligands is published in Angewandte Chemie.

April 7 2021 – Click here to read a College news story on our recent paper in Angewandte Chemie with the Vilar group on photoactivated DNA-binders.

March 26 2021 – Our work on the self-assembly of low-symmetry palladium nanocages from unsymmetrical ligands is included in Chemical Science’s collection of ‘most popular 2019-2020 supramolecular chemistry articles‘.

March 11 2021 – Jamie gave a virtual invited talk at the Australian National University on ‘Metal-Organic Self-Assembly with Unsymmetrical Ligands’.

February 12 2021 – Our collaboration with the Vilar group is published in Angewandte Chemie. Click here to read about our work on mechanical caging of a DNA-binding metallodrug.

January 6 2021 – A nice start to the new year with a paper published in Chem. Eur. J. on the self-assembly of functional, low symmetry nanocages.

November 18 2020 – The group gets their first taste of preprints with two articles posted to ChemRxiv – one on metal-organic self-assembly, and one a collaboration with the Vilar group on mechanical caging of G-quadruplex binders.

October 19 2020 – Welcome to Andy who starts his MSci project in the group this week looking at effects of ligand geometry on self-assembly.

September 10 2020 – Kevin and Nadia’s recent work on the self-assembly of a rotaxane ligand is featured on the front cover of ChemComm!

August 25 2020 – Jamie and Nadia have written a review on synthetic methodologies for accessing mechanically interlocked oligomers and polymers for Org. Biomol. Chem. If multiple mechanical bonds tickle your fancy then this might be for you!

August 4 2020 – Kevin and Nadia’s paper on the self-assembly of a rotaxane ligand into a porous metallo-[5]rotaxane is published in Chem. Commun. Congratulations! If you like to combine interlocked molecules with self-assembly then read the paper here.

April 14 2020 – Jamie has written a review with James Crowley on self-assembly with reduced-symmetry ligands for a special issue of ChemPlusChem ‘Supramolecular Chemistry: Young Talents and their Mentors’. Have a read here.

January 20 2020 – Welcome to Zihang who starts his third year undergraduate project in the group!

January 9 2020 – Jamie has written a preview article for Chem on the latest work from the Fujita group on the self-assembly of torus knots and links.

November 28 2019 – Our work with the Jelfs group on the self-assembly of low symmetry palladium(II) cages from unsymmetrical ligands is published in Chemical Science. Read it here!

April 15 2019 – If you like your catenanes chiral then click here to see work from the Goldup group in Chem on the synthesis of enantiopure catenanes. See here for a lovely highlight in C&EN.

April 2 2019 – The group hits the green for some mini golf action. Congratulations to Nadia on winning the round, and Honglan on winning a free pizza with a spectacular hole-in-one shot!

February 6 2019 – Paper #25! Work on the development of catenane ligands for incorporation into coordination polymers is out now in Org. Biomol Chem. Check it out here.

January 1 2019 – Work from the Goldup Group in collaboration with Maxie Roessler at QMUL on the effect of the mechanical bond on the properties of metal complexes published in JACS: read it here!

October 9 2018 – The group has its first students! Welcome to Kevin (MSci) and Nadia (PhD)!

August 21 2018 – The lab has left South Kensington and will be setting up shop in the brand new Molecular Sciences Research Hub down the road in White City.

March 21 2018 – First paper of 2018! Postdoctoral work on the Active Template synthesis of multi-component [2]catenanes is published in JACS! Read it here.