October 19 2020 – Welcome to Andy who starts his MSci project in the group this week looking at effects of ligand geometry on self-assembly.

September 10 2020 – Kevin and Nadia’s recent work on the self-assembly of a rotaxane ligand is featured on the front cover of ChemComm!

August 25 2020 – Jamie and Nadia have written a review on synthetic methodologies for accessing mechanically interlocked oligomers and polymers for Org. Biomol. Chem. If multiple mechanical bonds tickle your fancy then this might be for you!

August 4 2020 – Kevin and Nadia’s paper on the self-assembly of a rotaxane ligand into a porous metallo-[5]rotaxane is published in Chem. Commun. Congratulations! If you like to combine interlocked molecules with self-assembly then read the paper here.

April 14 2020 – Jamie has written a review with James Crowley on self-assembly with reduced-symmetry ligands for a special issue of ChemPlusChem ‘Supramolecular Chemistry: Young Talents and their Mentors’. Have a read here.

January 20 2020 – Welcome to Zihang who starts his third year undergraduate project in the group!

January 9 2020 – Jamie has written a preview article for Chem on the latest work from the Fujita group on the self-assembly of torus knots and links.

November 28 2019 – Our work with the Jelfs group on the self-assembly of low symmetry palladium(II) cages from unsymmetrical ligands is published in Chemical Science. Read it here!

April 15 2019 – If you like your catenanes chiral then click here to see work from the Goldup group in Chem on the synthesis of enantiopure catenanes. See here for a lovely highlight in C&EN.

April 2 2019 – The group hits the green for some mini golf action. Congratulations to Nadia on winning the round, and Honglan on winning a free pizza with a spectacular hole-in-one shot!

February 6 2019 – Paper #25! Work on the development of catenane ligands for incorporation into coordination polymers is out now in Org. Biomol Chem. Check it out here.

January 1 2019 – Work from the Goldup Group in collaboration with Maxie Roessler at QMUL on the effect of the mechanical bond on the properties of metal complexes published in JACS: read it here!

October 9 2018 – The group has its first students! Welcome to Kevin (MSci) and Nadia (PhD)!

August 21 2018 – The lab has left South Kensington and will be setting up shop in the brand new Molecular Sciences Research Hub down the road in White City.

March 21 2018 – First paper of 2018! Postdoctoral work on the Active Template synthesis of multi-component [2]catenanes is published in JACS! Read it here.